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Christian Faure, M.O.F.

Born in Villefranche-sur-Saône, France, Chef Christian Faure M.O.F. studied at Maison Lartaud and then at the Eculy Dardilly Training Centre in Lyon, under the guidance of revered Chefs Joseph Aimar M.O.F., Jacques Joubert M.O.F. and Alain Berne M.O.F.

Hard working and eager to learn new techniques, his progression was remarkable. He was hired by the venerable Maison Dalloyau Pâtisserie in Paris at the age of 18, and then recruited by Jean Paul Buchet to manage the Pastry Central of the Paris Flô Prestige boutiques, before handling the opening of Flô Nice for the same group. In 1994, Christian Willer, head of the prestigious Martinez Palace in Cannes, hired him for the Grand Hotel in Cap Ferrat. That same year, Christian was awarded the Jean-Louis Berthelot Award in the Dessert Plate category. He thereafter took the position of Executive Pastry Chef at the Hotel Royal Riviera Palace ****, working for Willy De Bruyn, but 1997 really marked the consecration of his career.

Christian Faure then obtained the supreme title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier.

Why baking? Faure was attracted by the artistic aspect of the trade from an early age. A true alchemist of pastry, Faure was based at the Prince of Monaco’s Palace, working alongside Chefs Mario Muratore and Alain Ducasse and leading a team of 65 pastry artists. He then worked in various palaces in Arab countries, showcasing his talents in VIP villages at the Olympic Games in Vancouver and Salt Lake City and was a guest of honor at the G8 G20 Summit in Toronto.

Faure delights his guests with both his creativity and ingenuity, and has accumulated numerous awards and medals. Knight of the National Order of Agricultural Merit, President of The North-American Chapter for the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Society, and awarded the ‘Best Pastry Chef of the World” title by The American Academy for Hospitality Sciences, the master is still famous for his modesty and generosity and is very eager to train the younger generation. In 2013, he founded the MAISON CHRISTIAN FAURE and the Pastry School, the first international institution specialized in the teaching of French Pastry making in Canada, (also offering workshops for amateurs).