Greetings! I am Christy, a passionate self-taught baker, and a creative writer. The kitchen is undeniably my happy place; a realm where I embark on delightful journeys of discovery through new recipes, meticulous ingredient measurements, and the rhythmic hum of the mixer. 

In a previous chapter of my life, I embraced the world of journalism. Although my path has taken me towards baking and writing, I occasionally do freelance gigs just for keeping my journalistic flame alive. 

Now, let me take you back to my roots. 

My love for baking sprouted when I was just a 12-year-old, and I won’t divulge how long ago that was — suffice it to say, it has been quite a journey! My earliest memories revolve around junior high school, where the wonderful world of baking unfolded before me in a home economics class. 

It all began with mastering the art of crafting scrumptious chocolate chip cookies. Since then, I’ve ventured into countless batches of cookies, cupcakes, pies, and cakes, perfecting my craft along the way.

With great excitement, I present Christy’s Pastry Guide, a virtual space where I can share my tried and true recipes with all of you. 

So, get ready to immerse yourselves in the enchanting world of baking. Let’s embark on this delectable journey together, and may your baking endeavors be filled with joy and success!