Christian Faure sitting in a chair in the garden at Manoir Hovey

Chef’s Adventure – Manoir Hovey

When life gets too busy sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself it just get away and recharge. I have learned over the last 40 years in this demanding industry that there is a time to work hard and there is also a time to relax. If you only work hard and not take the time to relax and let your mind calm down, then there will be nothing left in you to give when you need to. I reached out to my friend for some advice on where is a perfect place to have some down time and Manoir Hovey was the first recommendation.

Quebec is a vast beautiful province that if full of quaint chateaus and boutique hotels that are just waiting to be discovered. I am so excited to get out of the city and see what other experiences are offered here in Quebec.

side of a white building with the Manoir Hovey sign with pink and green flowers below it.

I picked up my love from the airport and we were off! 1hr 45 minutes later, we were amongst the large trees and small winding roads till the sign that showed us where our home would be for the next 3 days. It was exactly like the pictures we saw on the internet.

Manoir Hovey was built in 1900’s for an American as his summer home. The view of the lake was unobstructed from the front of the home with many different patios around. The outdoor pool was tucked away so the sun worshipers would not be disturbed by the cars coming and going into the chateau. Every little detail was thought of to ensure that their guests can enjoy this little bit of solitude.

Our room was in a cabin off the main building. I was very excited to have a working fireplace just a the foot of my king size bed. It was a perfect balance of historic charm and modern amenities. We also had a private balcony that we sat at to eat our breakfast. Even a deer came by to say hello to us. Unfortunately, it was faster than I could get my camera to take a picture.