• Chef's tools, scissors, spatulas, knife, piping bag, piping tip

    10 Class Package

  • steel table with a peeler, mixing bowl, whisk, wooden rolling pin, plastic container with a man's hands breaking open an egg

    5 Class Package

  • Afternoon tea

  • assorted handmade chocolates in a line by Maison Christian Faure

    Chocolate Candies and Truffles

  • round chocolate cake with chocolate ribbons on the top. Pink, yellow and green french macaron on the top from Maison Christian Faure

    Chocolate entremet

  • long eclair pastry with caramel colour icing and dark chocolate piping design along the top from Maison Christian Faure

    Crazy Éclairs

  • round part of golden pastry with spiral design on the top for Galette des rois celebration from Maison Christian Faure

    Le Galette Des Rois

  • Puff Pastry: Croquembouche

  • Serious Amateurs -Christmas Log

  • white round canister with chocolate souffle rising from the top from Maison Christian Faure


  • pink meringue on top of cake layered with cream and fresh strawberries. 2 pink french macaron on the top

    Strawberry shortcake