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Pastry is without a doubt the beating heart of the house. Renowned pastry chef Christian Faure Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and his team are continually coming up with new angles on desserts and innovative versions of éclairs, macaroons, babas, mille-feuilles, cakes, and classic desserts with originality and creativity, mixing tradition and innovation.


Lightness and indulgence are brought together thanks to the thirty or so products created each year, made with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

Life is too short, eat pastry first

Sweet & Savoury

Biscuits, madeleines, meringues, and homemade jams…so many great French classics are enhanced by the expertise of our chefs. A range of delicious flavours accompany each season and pay tribute to the richness and diversity of the local Quebec produce.

Pastry is our shortest link to childhood

Snacking Chic

Our snacking chic menu offers countless ways to enjoy some culinary sophistication in the heart of the Maison Christian Faure.

9 persons out of 10 likes pastry, the 10th is lying


The Maison Christian Faure deli counter is a place to meet, discover, and develop a fondness for local and seasonal produce carefully chosen and prepared to delight your tastebuds. You can also find all our know-how and creativity in our elegant and refined lunch boxes.

Pastry Faure Ever

Hot Drinks &

We take great care in the preparation of beverages, the search for origins, the choice of products and the respect of traditions. We are proud to offer you a real Italian coffee, illy brand, created by trained baristas “Artist Del Gusto”. An iced tea with flavours of passionfruit, prepared in a mixture of tea and organic flowers. Homemade lemonade with rose water fragrance, refreshing as in the East. Our famous hot chocolate, the recipe is unique, combining grand cru chocolate and caramel. Not to forget about our selection of fine wines and champagne in to match with our regions and menus.

Feel free to send us your preferences, we are always at your service.

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