round apple tart designed to look like a large flower from Maison Christian Faure

Chef Christian Faure shares his own recipe for Apple Tart

September 2017

September is a wonderful time in the world of pastry. The days are still warm and sunny and the nights are cool and crisp, allowing the earth to finish creating the last of the fruits and vegetable of the season. The squash, pumpkins and how can I forget the apples.

One of the popular pastries for the fall in our boutiques has got to be the Apple Tart. Light almond flour dough filled with our own homemade applesauce, topped with caramelized apples and glazed with an apricot confit. I can not wait to start making these. The pastry kitchen smells like home. We want to use the best ingredients so we do have to be patient to let the earth do her job in finishing the apples so we can make the best apple tart we can.
I tell my students all the time, the way to make delicious pastry is to use the best ingredients available.”
Simple but true! Since we won’t be serving the tart till the menu change that happens the end of October, I have decided to share my recipe with you here: