When gastronomy meets Diplomacy

France has the ability of being able to gather around a table for a dinner or a lunch with the “savoir-faire” that surrounds it and an extraordinary enjoyment for food that puts French gastronomy at the top of the culinary list.

Throughout the ages and throughout history there are many examples where important banquets, large tables and reception that have marked the important events of French political life.

The French culinary art has always enjoyed great recognition and so the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee chose on 16 November 2010 to include the gastronomic meal of the French people in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

If France benefits from this image of excellence abroad, it owes it, for the most part, to its best workers, also known as M.O.F., who work for the promotion of French culinary art.
This image of excellence we like to transmit and share with our youth and our guests. Both with the young people who are at the vocational school of Patisserie and our guests who are passing here in Montreal.

In the last couple of months at 355 Place Royale, in our historic building in Old Montreal, we had the great honour to receive several Dignitaries from France. But also a great meeting of Canadian and American great importance.


black table set up ina u shape filled with croissants on white plates, yellow and orange flowers

First we had a breakfast organized between a Canadian delegation on one side and an American delegation on the other side all this to discuss in the framework of LALENA, around a breakfast with a good croissant, to find a fair and bilateral free trade agreement.

Madame Laura Flessel

Then we had the visit of the minister of sports Mrs Laura Flessel who granted a particularly interesting meeting and who spoke personally to our students. A moment of exchange that has been very constructive and interesting for the future.

General Benoit Puja and Madame Feuillet

General Benoit Puja, Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honour and President of M.O.F. in France visited us here in Montréal.
It was truly a great honour for us to receive him at the boutique and to share the values ​​that bring us together. A friendly meeting in the presence of Madame Feuillet Consul De France and our respective wives.

Madame Karine Rispal

Finally, the most significant event of the beginning of the summer was the visit of President Emmanuel Macron here in Canada on the occasion of the G7 summit in Charlevoix.

We had the great honour of preparing the dessert buffet at the Embassy of France to celebrate the arrival of the French delegation in Ottawa. Another opportunity to promote French gastronomy and to welcome Canadian dignitaries who have come to greet and minister and delegation to the Embassy of Canada. France surrounded by Madame Karine Rispal Ambassador of France here in Canada.

What a surprise when at 1pm, the president has returned to the pastry shop to greet with his presence all of our teams who work every day to the influence of French gastronomy.

It is Mr. Jacques, Our Director, who welcomed the President Macron accompanied by his wife, then the Premier of Quebec also accompanied by his wife. A great conviviality was immediately installed and the French president tasted a purely Quebec product of ice cream and Monsieur Le Premier du Québec, a glass of champagne. What a beautiful symbolic exchange.

Soon I arrived to discuss about ten minutes privately on topics ranging from learning to the transmission of knowledge and diploma of the M.O.F in France.
President Macron emphasized the fact that only the M.O.F. of France can wear the collar, the recognizable Blue-White-Red and wear on a daily basis. The Premier of Quebec was intrigued by the idea that the best workers, M.O.F, are apprenticeship. He invited me to enter into discussion to imagine for Quebec, an improvement in the system of learning to image that from France.

Then Mr. Macron invited the me to go out together on the front steps to greet the people who gathered around the house to meet the president.

Of course we did not miss the traditional family photo which will remain etched in our memories forever.

Christian Faure

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