clear bowl filled with Maison Christian Faure chocolate truffles covered in cocoa powder

Give the gift of decadence this season

This season is about giving and receiving. I thought about what I could give to you, my customers, this holiday season that might help ease some of the stress around this time of year. Then I thought about what I like to do to ease some of my own stress. Believe it or not, I find making treats and baking to be relaxing. When the pressure of the business is too much, you might find me on the 3rd floor baking a specialty from my past. It relaxes me and reconnects me with the passion I have for pastry.

The pressure of having the perfect tree, the right presents, a feast everyone will enjoy, can be so overwhelming. I hope there is something in your life that helps you reconnect with the reasons why you do what you do. For those of you that like to bake, and for those of you that would like to try, I am sharing with you my personal Chocolate Truffle recipe.

You may feel that Truffles are simple, and you are right, they are simple to make. That is one of the beauties of these little morsels of heaven. However, I assure you that just because they are simple, doesn’t always mean that they always taste good. The quality of the ingredients you work with will determine the taste of the final product.

We do not eat Truffles to survive, they are a treat, and this is not the time to cut calories. They should taste like heaven, melt in your mouth and leave you so very satisfied.

The greatest satisfaction of making chocolate truffles, after eating them of course, is sharing them with friends and family. After you have mastered the technique of making your Chocolate Truffles, package them in a nice box, and share them family or friends. You will be the envy of everyone as you tell them you made these decadent treats all by hand