Chef Christian Faure, M.O.F.

christian_faure_headshot_pastry_chefChristian Faure, M.O.F. Born in Villefranche-sur-Saône, France, Chef Christian Faure M.O.F. studied at Maison Lartaud and then at the Ecully Dardilly Training Centre in Lyon, under the guidance of revered Chefs Joseph Aimar M.O.F., Jacques Joubert M.O.F. and Alain Berne M.O.F.

Hardworking and eager to learn new techniques, his progression was remarkable. He was hired by the venerable Maison Dalloyau Pâtisserie in Paris at the age of 18, and then recruited by Jean Paul Buchet to manage the Pastry Central of the Paris Flô Prestige boutiques, before handling the opening of Flô Nice for the same group. In 1994, Christian Willer, head of the prestigious Martinez Palace in Cannes, hired him for the Grand Hotel in Cap Ferrat. That same year, Christian was awarded the Jean-Louis Berthelot Award in the Dessert Plate category. He thereafter took the position of Executive Pastry Chef at the Hotel Royal Riviera Palace ****, working for Willy De Bruyn, but 1997 really marked the consecration of his career.

Christian Faure then obtained the supreme title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Why baking? Faure was attracted by the artistic aspect of the trade from an early age. A true alchemist of pastry, Faure was based at the Prince of Monaco’s Palace, working alongside Chefs Mario Muratore and Alain Ducasse and leading a team of 65 pastry artists. He then worked in various palaces in Arab countries, showcasing his talents in VIP villages at the Olympic Games in Vancouver and Salt Lake City and was a guest of honor at the G8 G20 Summit in Toronto.

Faure delights his guests with both his creativity and ingenuity, and has accumulated numerous awards and medals. Officer of the National Order of Agricultural Merit, President of The North-American Chapter for the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Society, and awarded the ‘Best Pastry Chef of the World” title by The American Academy for Hospitality Sciences, the master is still famous for his modesty and generosity and is very eager to train the younger generation. In 2013, he founded the MAISON CHRISTIAN FAURE and the Pastry School, the first international institution specialized in the teaching of French Pastry making in Canada, (also offering workshops for amateurs).

The M.O.F. Title

christian-faure-mof-medalThe title of Meilleur Ouvriers de France (shortened to MOF) is a unique and prestigious award in France. It is awarded in each particular trade and category during a contest among professionals. This contest is organised and recognised as a third-level degree by the French Ministry of Labour. The President of the French Republic is granted honorary membership with the title M.O.F. Honoris Causa. The award of medals and titles takes place at the Sorbonne in Paris, during a large reunion followed by a ceremony at the Élysée in the presence of the President of the French Republic.

In this competition, the candidate is given an allotted time and basic materials to create a masterpiece. The chosen method, the organization, the act, the speed, the know-how and the respect for the rules of the trade are verified by a jury just as much as the final result is. The winning candidates retain their title for life with the indication of the specialty.

This prestigious title is equally recognized by professionals and the greater public in France, particularly among artisan-merchants such as pastry makers, hairdressers, butchers, jewellers, and others whose trades are recognized, particularly those for more luxurious goods.

This competition requires months, sometimes years, of preparation. Technical skills, innovation, respect for traditions and other aspects are all practiced repeatedly to a level of refinement and excellence, effectiveness and quickness to succeed and be crowned by the jury, which makes its decision according to the distribution of points awarded during the entire process.

About Meilleurs Ouvrier de France


A true ambassador of French culture and the art French living, Christian Faure has shown his ability to find culinary richness in each country of the world, along with the necessary ingredients required to enhance local produce. His unparalleled skills using quality local and authentic produce gives life to the most authentic of pastry, and creates a delicious blend of traditional and innovative treats.

Christian is an outstanding showman and promotional speaker. He shows great love and mastery of his craft, and being a man of passion, he always knows how to express his emotions when speaking, enabling his audience to share his fascination for taste and beauty!

During his career, Christian has been asked to represent the French art of living and French cuisine at numerous international events such as the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore, the World Pastry Forum, the James Beard Foundation annual gala, as well as the International Association of Culinary Professionals annual gala in the United States, and the Dazzling Chocolate Festival at the Sherwood Hotel in Taiwan. World Chefs Summit , Monaco


Concours Gastronomique–Arpajon, 1978
Coupe de la Ville D’Arpajon

Concours Gastronomique–Arpajon, 1979
Médaille D’Argent de la Ville D’Arpajon

Concours Gastronomique–Arpajon, 1980
Médaille de Vermeil de la Ville D’Arpajon

Concours Gastronomique–Arpajon, 1983
Médaille D’Or de la Confederation des Glaciers

Societe Des Pâtissiers Francais, 1982 
Concours Charles Proust, Gold Medal

Coupe De France, 1979
Premier Prix Apprenti

Jean–Louis Berthelot Award, Challenge, 1994

Premier Prix Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier, 1997

Member of the Académie Culinaire de

Tourism Medal – St Jean Cap
Ferrat, 1997

Officier- Ordre National Francais du
Mérite Agricole, 2008

The American “Hospitality & Sciences” Academy awarded
Christian Faure “Best Pastry Chef in the World”
and the prestigious “Five Star Diamond Award”

Canadian Culinary Federation , Best
Pastry Chef of the Year, 2009

“Pastry Chef of the Year” in 2010 and 2011
by the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF).

Officer – Ordre National Français du Mérite
Agricole, 2014

Proud Ambassador

Since 1977, Christian Faure transforms Cacao Barry products in delicious cakes and sometimes chocolate, praline sometimes …

This journey through the brand enabled him to express himself over time in his creations that helped him to achieve the vast amount of supreme titles he now holds world wide.

Cacao Barry Chocolates are an integral part of its culture and its landmarks, he likes to share with gourmets and its customers. More than just products, Cacao Barry has been present throughout his career, by providing technical support that combines industry crafts.

Today, Cacao Barry Chocolate manufactures his own according to his tastes and personality. This course of 40 years of experience in the side of the Cacao Barry brand of Christian Faure is a proud member of the prestigious “Ambassadors Club” Cacao Barry.

Since 1986, when Christian Faure created his first event for the Illy brand coffee, he discovered in an exceptional round coffee, full of flavors.

Illy espresso gives full satisfaction as well as in tasting, in preparation of the products. In preparing a “Tiramisu” cake “Opera” and other achievements, Chef Christian Faure will use the Illy Café.

Today, Christian Faure houses only serve Illy coffee in all its forms, to the delight of lovers of Italian coffee.

The quality and regularity of Ravi fruit purees make the brand a key supplier for the preparation of desserts, cakes, ice cream and sorbets.

Picked at perfect ripeness, fruits that come from around the world and still have a wonderful fragrance. It is for these reasons that Christian Faure works exclusively with their quality products.

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