Montréal has experienced a flourishing artisanal boulangeries and pâtisseries scene over the last few years. The city caters to all taste buds, from specialized cupcake stores, designer donuts, and delicate French pastries to classic buttery baked goods, croissants, and crusty baguettes. 

Let’s take a closer look at the sweet offerings of Montréal, organized by neighborhood, so you can easily find your way to the nearest flaky, gooey, or crispy delight.

La Plateau-Mont-Royal

This vibrant neighborhood boasts the highest concentration of boulangeries and pâtisseries in Montréal. 

Some notable mentions include Boulangerie Mr. Pinchot, Bakery Les Co’Pains d’abord (with three locations), Fous Desserts, and Croissant Croissant. To conduct your very own croissant crawl and determine the champion, these establishments are all within walking distance of each other.

Among the croissant contenders is Au Kouign-Amann on Mont-Royal Avenue East. While their almond croissant is delightful, it’s the famous kouign amann, a tempting layered butter and sugar cake from Brittany, that draws crowds to this cozy spot. 

Meanwhile, Le Toledo showcases an array of beautiful pastries, including seasonal fruity treats, and has gained a reputation for its excellent bread and exquisite flan, a favorite among pastry enthusiasts. 

For more croissants, bread, and delightful baked pastries, consider visiting Mamie Clafoutis on Saint-Denis Street. There, you’ll find near-perfect cannelés and the nutty pistachio and almond pavé with cherries. 

Little Italy


Indulge in la dolce vità (the sweet life) in Montréal’s Little Italy neighborhood, where a plethora of traditional Italian pastry shops awaits your discovery.

Pasticceria Alati-Caserta is a renowned spot where the ricotta-filled cannoli have gained fame throughout the entire island. These delectable treats are filled to order, ensuring they stay perfectly crisp and delightful. 

There are tons of other pastry shops in Little Italy also beckon, each with a unique Italian influence. La Cornetteria offers flaky cornetti (Italian-style croissants) and cronetti (their take on the cronut), while some establishments exude a rustic and traditional charm. 

For instance, the adorable Mlles Gâteaux, nestled in the heart of Villeray, a few blocks north of Little Italy, serves exceptional desserts, including a decadent carrot cake infused with pineapple and carrot confit.

Venturing further south to La Petite-Patrie, Trou de Beigne emerges as one of Montréal’s finest artisanal doughnut providers. Housed in a lively and vibrant space, they showcase nine irresistible doughnut flavors, ranging from classic favorites to seasonal delights.

For aficionados of French classics, Pâtisserie Madeleine on Beaubien Street East beckons with a selection of mille-feuilles, choux à la crème, babas au rhum, and more, all vying for your attention in this delightful pastry haven.

Mile End

In Montréal’s trendiest neighborhood, you’ll find some of the city’s sweetest spots that are sure to delight your taste buds.

Boulangerie Hof Kelsten, helmed by the talented baker Jeffrey Finkelstein, boasts an impressive client list that includes some of the best restaurants in town. Their rye and caraway seed bread will captivate you with its flavor, and a slice of their chocolate babka is guaranteed to leave you craving more.

Nearby, two of Montréal’s most renowned bakeries, Fairmount Bagel Bakery and St-Viateur Bagels, sit just a couple of blocks apart. 

For about a century, Fairmount has been delighting fans with fresh, warm bagels in 15 different flavors, available 24/7. Meanwhile, St-Viateur has been at it for around 70 years, delivering the quintessential Montréal experience of savoring a warm bagel straight from the wood-burning oven.

A few blocks north on Bernard Street, you’ll find Bernie Beigne, a modest shop crafting classic old-school donuts and offering seasonal flavors, all made by hand.

For flaky pastries and delectable desserts, head to Brioche à tête on Fairmount Avenue. Their chocolate brioche is a must-try, and their croissants have been acclaimed as some of the best in the city, promising a truly delightful experience.

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